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LalNepal Private Limited is established on October 29, 2019, with an aim of offering the best-in-class quality online shopping experience to users. Having a registered office in Kathmandu District, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No- (9), and Nepal and validly registered as a Private limited company under the Law of Nepal with Registered No: 609737585.


By visiting our website or making a buy through us, you participate in our "Services" and consent to be bound by the accompanying terms and conditions ("Terms of Service"), including those extra terms and conditions and strategies referenced in this as well as accessible by hyperlink. These Terms of Service apply to all clients of the site including, clients who are browsers, sellers, clients, traders, as well as providers of the content.


It would be ideal if you read these Terms of Service thoroughly before using our website or our services. By using, you consent to be lawfully bound by these Terms of Service. In the condition that you don't consent to every one of the terms and states of this agreement, at that point, you may not use the website or utilize any services. If these Terms of Service are viewed as an offer acceptance is explicitly constrained to these Terms of Service.


Any new surplus of devices might likewise be esteemed to be liable to the Terms of Service in a drive. You can review the most current update of the Terms of Service on this page anytime. We maintain the authority to update, change or replace any piece of these Terms of Service by posting refreshes as well as changes to our site. It is your obligation to check this page occasionally for changes. Your proceeding with the access to the site, following the posting of any changes, constitutes acknowledgment of those changes.


General Terms



LalNepal is an emerging online marketplace that enables customers & Sellers to transit online. LalNepal Privileges the personalization and security of the seller's experiences as the topmost priority and offers multiple services to facilitate sales through online platforms. In LalNepal users can enjoy convenient & hassle-free shopping without stepping out of the house. The Seller appoints LalNepal as its marketplace agent under mentioned terms & Conditions:

  • Both parties concur that customer satisfaction is the ultimate interest responsible for directing the commercial action and behavior of both parties.
  • Every Transaction of the seller on LalNepal ’Platform is bounded to the acceptance of the terms of this agreement.
  • The commission policies are to be read and incorporated as an integral part of this agreement. 
  • Commission policies will evolve and change with prior notice to the sellers.
  • In order to maintain quality and high service to the users, LalNepal possesses the right to remove, delist or terminate a seller based on LalNepal seller KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  • For any breach of the seller's code of conduct would automatically constitute a breach of contract within this agreement. In any event seller's code of conduct is amended, LalNepal informing the seller of the said amendment.


2) Interpretation & Definition 


Bank Account

The bank account specified by the seller in which payments are to be made


Business Day

A day, Excluding Saturdays and other public holidays


Buyer-Seller Interaction Policy

This policy outline the standard of behavior that seller need to follow when connecting with customer on the Question and Answer section. All kinds of buyer-seller communication are authorized to take action in case of any violations. (For Example: Rough words used by seller, Refuses to repair within the warranty period, Refuse to accept voucher return by buyer for any circumstances, Cannot reveal your contact number directly  to the buyer through Question & Answer Section, etc.)   



Any fees charged by LalNepal for any services including additional service such as for pickup & return.

Fulfillment model

Here the seller is responsible for maintaining inventory of products at own promises and making available to LalNepal for delivery to customers

Listed Price

The listed price shall not be higher than the price at which the seller offer the same product through other online platform and during campaign as a seller you cannot change the running offer price, also you cannot offer the same product at lower price through your own sales channel.

Return Policy

All the rules and policies are set under the Return & Refund Policy-

Seller Performance

The Seller performance is measured under the Vendor KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) set and defined by LalNepal.

Seller obligation to Customer Service

If Seller fails to respond to any queries or complaints within 48 hours of receiving the message about the product features, LalNepal has right to de-listed that product from the platform without further notice.



3) Access to Platform

Once you successfully completing the registration process LalNepal shall provide the seller an OTP to access and complete the registration process. 

  • The seller is responsible for maintaining up to date information and LalNepal is not responsible for any Liability arising from incorrect information supplied by the sellers. 
  • The Seller is solely responsible for the safety and security of its password and shall not disclose its password to the third party.
  • Every message sent to the seller through his/her registered email address must be answered within 72 hours.
  • The seller shall complete and join the training module in order to be ready for operating on the platform.
  • Every order received through buyer must be converting into ready to pick within the given time frame by LalNepal (3 day of calendar period).


4) Performance of Seller

LalNepal measures the Seller performance on an ongoing process and will share monthly performance report with the Seller KPI’s Report. If any changes required in the performance policy, the seller will be informed via email.

    • We will measure the rank of the Seller based on performance (For Example: Daily order limits, cancellation rate, Order out of stock, High rate of return on products, Ready to pick up time, slow fulfillment of orders etc.)
    • LalNepal has right to upgrade, downgrade or delist seller performance depending upon on commercial & operational performance without any prior notice to the seller.
  • In case Seller wants to improve their performance or upgrade it –you need to book  or raise your ticket to vendor support system and  LalNepal will provide training session to those seller and asset them  for better performance.


5) Marketplace Fee/ Platform Fee

  • As a first seller of LalNepal, we are not charging any commission (0 % Commission for 1 month) for the sale of product through our platform and after completion of 3 month we will track your performance based on KPI’s defined by LalNepal and will decide to offer you 0% commission for further 1month, if you meet the target set by Vendor Support system. And if you did not reach the target we will assist you through online training session.
  • As a mediator for the seller, LalNepal has the right to receive a fee for each sale of the product on the platform.
  • The platform fees are calculated as a percentage of the listed price including of all applicable taxes.
  • Platform fees are deducted by LalNepal when making a payout to the seller. 
  • Marketplace fees are changed or adjusted by the LalNepal at any time and 1 month written notice has been send to the entire seller via email before enactment.


6) Payments

LalNepal Receives and process all the payments for product purchased or sold on the platform on behalf of the seller.

  • The payment will be made to the seller on a weekly basis after the product has been successfully delivered to the customer, to the bank account specified by the seller while registering the form.
  • Payment will be made via online transfer to the bank account specified by the seller.
  • LalNepal will not be responsible for any failure to make timely payments if the bank information provided by seller is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • In Case the payment has been issued by LalNepal to the seller for a delivered item later return to LalNepal by customer, LalNepal will deduct equivalent amount form the seller account for the next cycle periods.
  • In case seller raise the dispute about the condition of returned product (for e.g.: damaged by our operation department) than LalNepal is solely responsible and seller can claim for it. If seller send the damaged product to the customer than LalNepal is not liable for any loss and Seller cannot claim for the loss, Here LalNepal has right to claim seller.


7) Warranties

  • Whatever product seller has listed in LalNepal Platform, it is legally entitled and permitted as per the law of Nepal.
  • All the listed products are not dangerous and do not contain any hazardous substance
  • All the information and images updated and uploaded in LalNepal website must be in correct and accurate form.
  • If Buyer claim the warranty within the time frame than Seller has to provide the service, If not than LalNepal poses right to terminate the service agreement.


8) Termination

This agreement is valid for 1 year and Seller may terminate this agreement by means of 30 day notice period by registered letter or email and the termination of this agreement shall not terminate any Contract already entered into and shall be obliged to perform contract entered into with customers.

If seller does not meet the defined rules and regulation set by LalNepal as per the laws of Nepal than as a mediator LalNepal has right to terminate the seller. 


Apart from different prohibitions as put forward in the Terms of Service, you are denied from utilizing the webpage or its content:

(a) For any unlawful reason

(b) To request others to perform or partake in any unlawful demonstrations

(c) To damage any worldwide, government, common or state controls, tenets, laws, or neighborhood statutes

(d) To encroach upon or disregard our protected innovation rights or the licensed innovation privileges of others

(e) To a bug, manhandle, affront, hurt, stigmatize, defame, slander, threaten, or segregate in light of sex, sexual introduction, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national starting point, or inability

(f) To submit false or misdirecting information

(g)To transfer or transmit viruses or some other kind of noxious code that will or might be utilized as a part of any way that will influence the usefulness or operation of the Service or of any related site, different sites, or the Internet

(h) To gather or track the individual data of others

(I) To spam, Phish, hurt, appearance, insect, creep, or rub

(j) For any vulgar or corrupt reason

(k) To meddle with or bypass the security highlights of the Service or any related site, different sites, or the Internet. We maintain all authority to end your utilization of the Service or any related site for abusing any of the restricted uses.



You can audit the most current update of the Terms of Service on this page anytime.

We possess the right, at our sole tact, to update, change or replace any portion of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes on our site. It is your obligation to check our site intermittently for changes. Your continued access to our site or the Service following the posting of any edits on these Terms of Service constitutes acknowledgment of those updates.



Inquiries regarding the Terms of Service ought to be sent to us at

In the event that you have to exchange or return the item, the accompanying criteria will apply:

  • The item should necessarily be in original packaging/condition/label.
  • The convincing explanation behind return/exchange
  • A copy of the delivery receipt is required as proof of buy.

*NOTE: Our Return Policy is effective for 3 days from the date of delivery and we won't have the capacity to offer you an exchange or payback after this term. Visit the Return and Refund policy for more information. 

For Sales Support & Queries 9845835271

Established on October 29, 2019, LalNepal is an emerging online marketplace, with an aim of offering best-in-class quality online shopping experience to users. LalNepal sought to link a wide assortment of consumer electronics, fashion, and beauty products, alongside a rapidly growing miscellany of general merchandise. What sets LalNepal from other online market place is its focus to bring on International High-end branded products namely Gucci, Armani, Mac, Channel, Louis Vuitton, and Ralph Lauren among others. Furthermore; the Company also has embedded a classified marketplace shopping availability which sums all range of shopping experiences to its customers. LalNepal privileges the personalization and security of the shoppers’ experience as the topmost priority. Excellent value for money, a large assortment of original products, fast delivery, and easy returns are what the Company has been founding its principle upon. LalNepal as its future goal sees itself to be one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms in Nepal offering an unparalleled shopping experience in the comfort of a customer’s home. In LalNepal, users can enjoy convenient and hassle-free shopping without stepping out of the house. LalNepal promises to take customers’ style statements to a whole new level offering a wide variety of products and brands. Customers can also rejuvenate their houses by buying home appliances. Customers will get to avail of delivery right to their doorstep with easy payment methods. Whether you reside in small towns of Nepal or major cities, you can easily get your desired products delivered to your doorstep.